Xmodgames App Not Installing and other Errors

Xmod Games has been a wonderful gaming assist helping people in cheating games and letting them play the games in a way they want by crossing all the barriers. The App has become predominant for the same in the gaming world, helping people gain unlimited coins, points, gold, gems and everything that might cost you a fortune. However, recently there have been complaints about the usage of the Xmod Games App by both Android users and iOS users and most of them are involved either in the installation of the game or in signing into the game. Apart from the generic errors, there are many other errors that one might face while using the Xmods Games App. In this article, we are going to list out few errors that people are facing in general with detailed solutions, given to them.

android error in xmod

XmodGames – Fix Not Installing Error:

The most common Error that we come across while using Xmod Games App is “Not able to Install” Error. If you ask, why do we witness this error? Most of the times, the answer is because of the insufficient storage your device has or because of the inadequate control you have on your device. If you haven’t rooted your device, the root access is the ultimate reason which is stopping the app to be installed on the device.  This issue, however, can be solved by two methods.

Insufficient Storage: Xmod Games a minimum of 100Mb free storage to be installed. Make sure that you have at least this amount of storage on your device. You can free some space by cleaning up the device using third party apps like Clean Master App etc. Using the ‘One-Tap Boost’, you can keep on refreshing the space, or you can try uninstalling some apps which are not required and download the Xmod Games App if this is your priority.

Root Access: In case if it’s the root access that is troubling you, you need to acquire full root permission to fix the installation error. To do this, install a rooting tool or rooting software like King Root and root your phone with a single click. Understand that rooting the device will nullify the warranty of your device and after rooting is done, download the Root Checker to check if your device has been rooted appropriately.

Hardware Reset: In case if your problem is still not solved by the above two issues, the most necessary thing that is to be done is by resetting your device. Perform a hard reset, say factory reset so that you restore your device to the default settings and then try installing the app just to delete the apps, virus or anything that has been stopping your Xmod Games App from installing.

Other Xmodgames Apk Errors:

Can’t see the Xmod Games App Icon:

This error is mostly seen on the iOS devices. Once the app is installed, you can’t find the icon in the system tray menu. To fix this error, open the Cydia and install the afc2add App. If you have the App sync already on your device, you can try reinstalling the device or use uikit tools in order to solve this error. If you’re an Android user, try rebooting or restarting the device to get the app displayed on the home screen.

Popup Message:

Another error that you can see is a pop-up when you try and launch the Xmod Games App. This might happen with initial Android operating systems or the iOS versions 2.0 and around. This error is mostly seen if a particular game or mod is updated in Xmod Games. To fix this,

Open Xmod Games App. Now, go to “More” and then click on “Manage my Mods” from there.

Try uninstalling the Mod by tapping on “Uninstall the Mod”.

Go to the “Mod” page now and then try reinstalling the Mod all over again. Once after the Mod is reinstalled, tap on the “Launch” button.

Connection Error/Request timed out:

This error occurs mostly when you can’t connect to the servers. The most generic solution is to make sure that you have a consistent internet connection. Restart the device and connect to the internet all over again after checking the internet connection. You can also try downloading a VPN app from the store to make sure that there are no proxy barriers. Some of the most prominent VPNs used can be SuperVPN, Surf Easy, Drony, Hotspot VPN etc. The other reason might be because you might have Cydia or some other modifying apps running in the background. Close the App and restart the device before using it.

Can’t find the UI:

Open the Xmod Games App and go to the menu and scroll down to “Mod” settings. This button is moved to the floating window and therefore, to get the Mod button, tap on the “Xbot” option to get hold of it.

Xmod Games Stopped:

In case if the App is not working or has stopped working all of a sudden, you should try clearing the data of the App. To do this go to Settings>Applications>Xmod Games. Here, click on the “Clear Data” option and start launching the game again. If this is not working, try reinstalling the app all over again.

Mod not compatible:

All the game Mods that are usually listed on Xmod Games usually work. In case if you find a particular Game Mod not working this might be because the Game is updated and the Mod is still not updated. The relation between the upgrades of both Game and Mod should be parallel in order to work. Therefore, you can either downgrade the Game using Play store and use the Mod or wait for Xmod Games to come up with the Mod.

Can’t detect the Game:

Make sure that you have downloaded the game if your Xmod Games App is not detecting it. If you are sure that you have downloaded the game and still are not able to detect the game or can’t see a launch button; you can start uninstalling the game and download it again or use another store in order to make the game detected. Make sure that you download the game from the US stores, this time just to avoid further complications.

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Having said that, Xmod Games App has become the most desirable modifying apps, especially in the gaming world because of the potential it holds. The App is simple and friendly to use which is why people prefer it along with the constant mod upgrades it offers. So, follow the above solutions if you are facing any of the errors or if there’s something else that’s bothering you; comment below with your email so that we can get back to you with a proper solution and help you Xmod Games on your device successfully.